On May 31, “Research Pavilion ICD/ITKE” 2010 was awarded an honourable mention at the Holzbaupreis 2011 during the LIGNA trade fair in Hannover.

Jury statement:

The temporary Research Pavilion on the Campus of the University of Stuttgart is placed at the intersection between Research and Education. It demonstrates innovative solutions in a variety of fields relevant to architectural design. The bending-active structure arches over 5 metres width using 6,5mm thick Birch Plywood strips. Through intelligent structural combinations of the bending causing inner pretension, the global form is stabilized. Simple contact-joints that use traditional bonding techniques enable quick construction of the structure. The irregular forms, that have been generated through bending- and additioning-processes, have been simulated using latest FEM methods and robotic CAM fabrication. Intelligent working chains and assembly procedures have been developed to interlace the wooden structure by hand.