September 12-13, ICD researcher Dylan Wood is an invited participant in the German Research Foundation (DFG)  Young Researchers FUTURE Workshop hosted at the Catholic Social Institute (KSI) in Siegburg, Bonn. 

The aim of the interdisciplinary event is to develop a vision of research in 20 years’ time, explicitly from the perspective of today’s young scientists. The thematic focus is on the creative potential of science with regard to the major social, ethical and ecological challenges of the coming decades. The background is on the one hand the foreseeable technological progress and its effects on scientific (collaborative) work, and on the other hand the principles of good scientific practice in digital change. The aim is to consider which new opportunities for good science are offered by digital change and how they can be shaped responsibly and future-oriented.  The event is part of the “Digital Change in the Sciences and Humanities” project, which the DFG Head Office has been running since 2017.

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