Digital FUTURES: F5: Fashioning Fabricators for Flexible Forms

Workshop Process and Result

F5: Fashioning Fabricators for Flexible Forms – Digital FUTURES 2019 Workshop

ICD Research Associates Maria Yablonina and Samuel Leder led a workshop on “F5: Fashioning Fabricators for Flexible Forms” at Tongji University, Shanghai as a part of Architectural Intelligence, the 2019 edition of the digitalFUTURE annual conference. Every year, more than two hundred students gather to engage with state-of-the-art digital fabrication and computational design tools.

The ICD workshop explored the recent trend of collective robotic construction through the implementation of bespoke mobile machines to create adaptable space.

Advances in computation design and fabrication have allowed collaborative, autonomous multirobot systems to integrate the design and construction phase of architecture into one process. The workshop aimed to address one step further in the architectural life cycle: the inhabitation phase. Mobile machines can build architectural space but can also completely change what already exists in order to influence the behaviors of humans.

Using this understanding, the participants were involved in the assembly, choreography, and installation stages of a bespoke multirobot system, generated to manipulate the shared environment with humans. The choreography of the machine movements as it relates to physical space and human interaction were at the core of the workshop.

The week-long workshop culminated in an exhibition, on July 6, 2019.



ICD Institute for Computational Design and Construction

Achim Menges, Maria Yablonina, Samuel Leder

FabUnion Tutor Assistant

Yuqlong Lin, Mingyang Li


Stan Carroll, Daria Dordina, Ahmed Hassab, Emre Kacar, Viriginia Melnyk, Pinar Pakfiliz, Saurabh Singla, Tomas Vivanco, Dawid Zajaz, Anuj Mittal, Josh Chao, Guanming Huang, Yangyang Liu, Teng Teng, Zaiyang Tian, Xincheng Ye, Haoran Yu, David Yuan

Organized and Supported by

CAUP Tongji University, Shanghai

FabUnion, Shanghai – Prof. Philip F. Yuan