Yasaman Tahouni is a Research Associate at the Institute for Computational Design (ICD). She holds dual degrees in S.M.Archs Design and Computation and M.Sc. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, she received her Bachelor of Architecture from University of Tehran, Iran. Yasaman’s research lies at the intersection of Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, and Human-Computer Interaction, and she seeks to find novel ways to bridge computation and materiality.

Before coming to ICD, Yasaman worked as a researcher at MIT Design Lab, where she led interdisciplinary research in the fields of design and manufacturing technologies and interactive systems to create intelligent and adaptive everyday-used products. In addition, she has given lectures and co-taught several courses and workshops, both at MIT and in Tehran, with focus on computational design, digital fabrication, and physical computing.

At ICD, Yasaman is conducting research on 4D-printing of bio-based materials, for which she develops design and fabrication platforms for creating programmable and shape-changing material systems.