ICD Research Associate Lauren Vasey will give a lecture at SAC: Stadelschule on the the potentials of cyber physical systems for architecture and architectural production. With a tight coupling between computational processes and physical production processes, robots can be pre-programmed to to sense, analyze, and act upon their environment. Cyber-physical fabrication thus challenges many existing protocols in production chains: for example, static and notational systems of design representation, such as plans and blue prints, as well as linear production workflows which separate and compartmentalize the stages of design and production. To realize these potentials requires more than an appropriation of existing technology, but rather a re-design and rethinking of characteristic building systems and processes. In this context, technology can be understood as a design driver, and reciprocally design as a driver of technology.


Städelschule Lecture Series
9th May 2018
19:00 PM – Städelschule AULA
Dürerstraße 10, 60596 Frankfurt Am Main


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