(c) ICD/ITKE University of StuttgartRendering BUGA FIBER PAVILION 2019, ©ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart.

Robotically Fabricated Lightweight Wood Shell, Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn, 2019

The Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) and the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart are developing two highly innovative, biologically inspired pavilions for the 2019 Bundesgartenschau in Heilbronn. Both are globally unique, light-weight structures that are fully computationally designed and robotically fabricated. The two pavilions embody and express the strength of innovation typical for the State of Baden-Württemberg, which has been an internationally recognized centre for lightweight constructions, biomimetics, and the development of digital technologies in architecture for several decades. By acting as the main funding body, the state will play a prominent role in the exhibition.

Plate structures are a particularly fascinating type of construction typology in living nature. Biological examples typically exhibit an arrangement of individual plate segments with specific and highly differentiated shapes. Both ICD and ITKE have conducted in-depth research into the computational design, construction, and fabrication of segmented timber shells based on biological principles, with a particular focus on the arrangement and shape of each segment, as well as the development of high-performance joints. The biological principle of morphological adaption can be applied through a computational design and simulation method, which in turn needs to be coupled with a digital production process. The entire structure, made from 400 different lightweight segments, is pre-fabricated in a fully robotic machining and assembly process. With a free span of over 25 meters, the resulting BuGa Wood Pavilion showcases structural and architectural innovation.

The pavilion will be opened on 17.04.2019.
More information: Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019


(c) ICD/ITKE University of StuttgartTIM – Mobile robotic timber manufacturing platform, ©ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart.

(c) ICD/ITKE University of StuttgartRendering BUGA WOOD PAVILION 2019, ©ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart.


ICD – Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Achim Menges, Martin Alvarez, Abel Groenewolt, Monika Göbel, Oliver David Krieg, Ondrej Kyjanek, Hans Jakob Wagner

ITKE – Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Jan Knippers, Lotte Aldinger, Simon Bechert, Daniel Sonntag

Müllerblaustein Bauwerke GmbH, Blaustein
Reinhold Müller, Oliver Fried

Matthias Buck, Zied Bhiri

Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019


With the support of:
State of Baden-Württemberg
University of Stuttgart