Minding the Digital
01.12.2017, Design Society, Shenzhen, China

On Friday 1st December 2017 the new DESIGN SOCIETY SHENZHEN has celebrated the grand opening of its inaugural exhibition “Minding the Digital”, which includes three ICD projects: the new SEWN TIMBER SHELL PAVILION and the new ICD AGGREGATE WALL 2017, both commissioned by the museum specifically for the show, and the ICD/ITKE RESEARCH PAVILION 2013/14.

The V&A backed Design Society is a new cultural platform that generates a diverse public programme with the mission to activate design as a social catalyst. Design Society adheres to the pioneering spirit of Shekou and Shenzhen in creating a unique cultural experience and in programming a public space dedicated to design. It shows and tells the power of design through major exhibitions about the past, present and future of design, through curated shopping experiences and multi-faceted events. Entrepreneurial activities support and leverage the not-for-profit programme in order to build an innovative and sustainable new institution. Design Society is an open and collaborative platform, fostering synergies, connecting China and the world, and empowering the inter-connectivity between design and society, design and everyday life, and design and industry. Design Society will test new ideas, incubate new talents and explore new opportunities for creative industries. The encouragement of creative dialogue and collaborations aims to design a better society.

Design Society