ITECH Expert Lecture – Winter Term 2017/2018

21.11.2017 – 19.00 pm
Room 1.08, K1, 1st floor
Keplerstrasse 11, 70174 Stuttgart


“Sustainable Architecture Between Materials and Fabrication Technologies”

Hanaa Dahy is a registered architect, engineer and material developer who established in the frame of her professorship the research department BioMat (Bio-based Materials and Materials Cycles in Architecture) as a Junior Professor at ITKE (Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design) since July 2016. She earned her PHD from ITKE in 2014 with Excellence and earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in ‘Architectural Engineering’ in 2003, and 2006 respectively from Ain Shams University in Cairo with Honors. She established her office in 2003 in Cairo and has worked there academically and in practice until 2009, when she moved to Germany to merge her experience with the European architecture and industry. At the moment, she holds European and international patents, earned the ‘Best of: Materials and Design Award (Materialica)’ in Munich in 2015 and the ‘Material Prize Award (MaterialPreis)’ in 2016 from the Design Center of the state Baden-Württemberg in Germany, a fellowship for the innovation of university-teaching in 2016/2017, a number of research/industrial project funds and is a member of a number of European and international scientific and professional bodies. Main research topics are: ecological and light-weight building materials, biocomposites, sustainability, product design and fabrication, multi-function integration in architectural elements. Her education and training are in the area of architectural design, composites, structure and materials, smart systems, fabrication and biomimetics.