On Wednesday, November 8th, ICD Research Associate Maria Yablonina will speak at the Pratt institute – the Consortium for Research & Robotics. The lecture will be titled, “Towards Robot Ecologies: Multi-Species Robotic Collaboration for Construction”.

Maria will be speaking about her work at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) focusing on methods of robotic fabrication for filament and fibre composite structures. She will introduce larger body of research on fibre composite materials applied to architectural construction via robotic fabrication, demonstrated through a series of pavilion projects conducted at ICD since 2012. She will also talk in detail about her research within the topic, focusing on applications of mobile collaborative task-specific robots to construction with filament materials. She will show a collection of projects and installations she has completed in the past years, demonstrating the outcome of her on-going work.

The lecture will be held at the consortium’s lab space, in Brooklyn Brooklyn Navy Yard, POB 195 Building 280, Suite 51563 at 6pm.

For more information visit consortiumrr.com