baubionik – biologie beflügelt architektur Schloss Rosenstein/Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart 19.10.2017 – 6.5.2018 The special exhibition „baubionik – biologie beflügelt architektur“ follows new paths. Instead of focusing on well-known examples, the emphasis of this exhibition is on current, ongoing research: The exhibition displays results of the special research programme ”Biological Design and Integrative Structures – Analysis, Simulation and Implementation in Architecture“. „Public understanding of science“: This extensive exhibition, with around 600 m² floor space displays new research topics, aims and visions. The central message is to develop new solutions for sustainable and attractive architecture. The successful transfer from biological role models to architectural solutions does not proceed by simply copying nature, but represents a complex, lengthy process.
Schloss Rosenstein/Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart

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Featured ICD Projects

SFB TRR 141 Project A07: The Skeleton of the Sand Dollar as a Biological Model for Segmented Shells in Building Construction



SFB TRR 141 Project A08: Continuous Fused Deposition Modelling of Architectural Envelopes Based on the Shell Formation of Molluscs



Project B02: Evolutionary Processes Driving Biological Variation and Diversity as Models for Exploratory Digital Design Tools in Architecture