Ondrej Kyjanek is a research associate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart. He studied architecture at the CTU in Prague (Bc.) and the ITECH program at the University of Stuttgart (MSc.).

Professionally he has worked as a creative technologist and robotic specialist mainly in collaboration with MZ motion design GmbH in Stuttgart and as a robotics consultant to a doctoral candidate Karola Dierichs. His current research focuses on advanced robotic automation and human-machine collaboration in timber construction industry.



Human-Robot Collaboration in Timber Construction


ICD Aggregate Pavilion 2015
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2013-14


Hygroscopic Aggregate Structure, August 2016
University of Michigan: RobArch|2014 – Fiber Syntax, May 2014


Yunis, L., Kyjanek, O., Dörstelmann, M., Prado, M., Schwinn, T., Menges, A.: 2014, Bio-inspired and fabrication-informed design strategies for modular fibrous structures in architecture, in Thompson, E., Emine, M.(eds.), Fusion – Proceedings of the 32nd eCAADe Conference, Vol. 1, Northumbria University, pp. 283-292. (ISBN 9789491207075)