Smarter Buildings: At the Intersection of Architecture, Design & Technology
Center for Architecture and Design, AIA Seattle, March 2 – April 15, 2017

Smarter buildings use a new generation of tools that leverage today’s data-rich environments to help create more capable, sustainable structures. The exhibit investigates a range of cutting-edge technologies in building science, from environmental controls and waste water systems to unique user interfaces and advanced construction methods. Smarter Buildings explores advancements in the field of building technology through case studies of the world’s smartest buildings.

As this year’s recipient of AIA Seattle Emerging Professionals Scholarship, architect Derik Eckhardt traveled to Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Boston, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Portland and Stuttgart to research smarter buildings. The buildings selected for research cover a broad range of technologies. They represent arguably the world’s smartest buildings, not only by the degree to which technology is embedded within the built environment, but also in the ingenuity with which that technology is harnessed.

A few articles were published about the exhibition: