Computational Construction Laboratory

Photographs of the Computational Construction Laboratory

The Computational Construction Laboratory forms a central part of the institute’s research infrastructure. It offers more than 500 m² of work area, which can be used as one open work space or divided into 4 separate work bays by movable glass partition walls. The lab offers a highly flexible work environment with a digital infrastructure that allows the variable set-up of robot systems with up to 36 axes. The permanent robot setup will include one 6-axis KUKA Fortec KR420 R3080 on a 12 meter track with a 12kW spindle, and one 6-axis KUKA Quantec KR210 R3100, as well as two 2-axis turntables.


Robotic Fabrication Laboratory

Photographs of the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory

The faculty of architecture’s Robotic Fabrication Laboratory features a 6-axis KUKA KR 125/2 industrial robot and a vertical turntable as 7th external axis. With its 8kW spindle it is equipped for the (pre-)fabrication of building elements and parts, as well as molds for lamination of fibre composites, and mock-ups for furniture, car or industrial design.


Both labs provide cutting-edge technology for the institute’s educational and research efforts to explore the next generation of manufacturing and prefabrication in architecture and design.