The ICD Workshop “Robot-Assisted Assembly in Wood Construction” as part of the DADA 2015 International Conference and Exhibition at CAUP Tongji University and ArchiUnion in Shanghai has won the Competition Campus 2016 prize for the most innovative teaching concept. We congratulate the team and all participants!

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Workshop Process and Result – Video

The DADA Digital Factory workshop “Robot-Assisted Assembly in Wood Construction” led by Abel Groenewolt, Oliver David Krieg, and Achim Menges explores a digital fabrication concept that allows the construction of complex geometry without relying on elaborate measuring techniques or geometric specificity of the building parts. By using an industrial robot as an assembly assistant, simple, regularly shaped objects can be accurately placed at any desired location. In effect, by encoding the geometric specificity in the assembly process instead of the building elements, elaborate timber structures can be fabricated out of standard and widely available building materials.

ICD Institute for Computational Design – Prof. Achim Menges

Abel Groenewolt, Oliver David Krieg, with Jian Ming Huang

Workshop Participants

Shi Xinyu, Li Yutong, Gu Xiaolin, Hu Jialiang, Zheng Xin, Liu Yang, Zhang Shiqi, He Yiwen, Liu Jingrui, Wu Chaoran, Du Jie

Organized and Supported by

DADA 2015 International Conference and Exhibition
CAUP Tongji University, Shanghai
ArchiUnion, Shanghai – Prof. Philip F. Yuan