Abel Groenewolt studied architecture and building technology at Eindhoven University of Technology. After having received his MSc degree, he worked at K2S Architects and at Sarc Architects in Helsinki as well as in his own practice, completing projects in both Finland and the Netherlands.

He has employed computational methods in various design projects and developed multiple custom design tools. Through post-graduate studies at ETH Zurich, he further explored the potential of programming within the architect’s repertoire of professional competences.

Before joining the Institute for Computational Design and Construction in 2015, Abel worked as a researcher at the chair of Architecture and Building Systems at ETH Zurich, developing and employing computational design tools to analyse and optimise various energy-related building systems. He also worked as a plugin developer for Design to Production.

Currently, his research focuses on the application of robots in timber construction, as well as on the development of digitally assisted design processes for structurally informed timber constructions.



Design and fabrication aspects of timber plate structures


BUGA Wood Pavilion 2019

Wood R³ – Resource Effective, Regional, Robotically Fabricated


ITECH Masters Thesis, 2016-17

ITECH Masters Thesis, 2015-16


Robot-Assisted Assembly in Wood Construction


09.09.2019 University of Calgary

09.07.2019 DesignSTEM, Rotterdam

08.07.2019 DesignSTEM, Amsterdam

13.11.2018 Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen, TU Eindhoven

16.07.2018 HMC Expo, Amsterdam

28.05.2018 DesignSTEM, Amsterdam

16.05.2018 BuGa Cafe, Heilbronn

23.11.2017 Houtdag, Baarn

29.08.2017 Waag Society HMC Summer School, Amsterdam

14.07.2017 CAAD Futures conference, Istanbul

09.06.2017 Future Flux Festival, Rotterdam

19.05.2017 DAI Forum, Heidelberg

13.12.2016 Institute for Architecture and Media, TU Graz

19.04.2013 Technical University, Tampere


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