ITECH Expert Lecture – Summer Term 2015

16.07.2015 – 17.00 pm
Room 6.05 – K1, 6.OG
Keplerstrasse 11, 70174 Stuttgart

Prof. Marc Desmulliez is the Head of Research Institute in Signals, Sensors and Systems (ISSS) and Director of Microsystems Engineering Centre (MISEC) School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Chartered Engineer and Physicist, Prof. Desmulliez has a background combining electrical engineering, optoelectronics and theoretical physics. He has a strong track record in inter- and multi-disciplinary research with over 394 published articles and 8 patents spanning the fields of opto-electronics, manufacturing technology, packaging, biology and microwave engineering.

In his lecture, Marc Desmulliez is going to present novel approaches to Nature Inspired Manufacturing and examples of its application in various scales.