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Emergent Fiber Arrangements
Form-finding fiber experiments for digital construction.

Ozge Hazer M.Sc.

Thesis Advisers: Moritz Dörstelmann, Marshall Prado
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges

First Examiner: Prof. Achim Menges
Second Examiner: Prof. Jan Knippers

This project explores spatial potentials of three dimensional branching systems that occur through fiber-fiber interactions in fiber – fluid form finding systems. The project starts with the exploration of two-dimensional methods and gradually expanding towards the three-dimensional strategies. The goal is to use material behavior as a design driving force, rather than using conventional top-down design methods.

Properties of wet fibers have been analyzed through a series of physical experiments and catalogued according to their results. Various material and architectural qualities, like rigidity, connectivity, light etc. are being explored and catalogued within the variations of tests. The material system’s behavior is unpredictable each time, yet it manages to achieve structural stability from flexible irregular elements. Final proposal for a design component is based on the test catalogue and architectural desired properties of the system. The possibility of defining the fiber layout according to the desired architectural properties within each component allows for the possibility to achieve adaptive architectural systems at a large scale.