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Graded Light
Modulating the daylight in aggregate structures using online controlled robotic processes

Desislava Angelova M.Sc.

Thesis Advisers: Karola Dierichs
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges

First Examiner: Prof. Achim Menges
Second Examiner: Prof. Jan Knippers

This research is focusing on light filtration within aggregate structures. The project investigates the potential of designing complex light qualities through the control of the aggregate material system.The aim of this research is to create a system that allows daylight filtering in aggregate structures to form different luminance conditions. This ability for differentiation can allow for specific variation in the light quality of the space.

Two key methods were used and developed during the research: digital fabrication of the structure and a photometric analysis technique. Real-time robot control during the fabrication and sensor data of the light conditions of the aggregate structure allow for a light controlled robot manufacturing. During the first phase of the research a series of experiments on aggregate wall and dome structures have been conducted . As a result of light conditions investigation, modification techniques were developed in order to control the filtering quality of the system.

The final stage of the research focuses on robotic manufacturing of aggregate structures and programmed light conditions. An online controlled robotic process was developed, where a web camera was used to capture the light passing through aggregates structures and to detect changes in luminance. The luminance information was then used to calculate the next modification point within the robotic tool, which in turn will reciprocally change the luminance values until it meets the desired outcome.

The investigations have a potential to inform further development in designing spaces driven by light.