Lauren Vasey, born 1986, is a Research Associate and a Doctoral Candidate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction at The University of Stuttgart. Previously, she received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Tufts University, cum laude, and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan where she was the recipient of several merit scholarships and graduated with distinction. She has taught several workshops in computation and robotic fabrication, and has done research in computational techniques for customizable fabrication processes at University of Michigan Taubman College FABLab as well as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich), Chair for Architecture and Digital Fabrication.

Her research and courses taught at ICD focus on behavioral and adaptive robotic fabrication: considering in particular how sensor feedback, iterative computation, and robotic behaviors enable new types of production.



Professional Affiliations:

Elected Member, Acadia, Board of Directors, Oct, 2016, to present

Elected Member, IJAC, Editorial Board (Acadia Representative), Oct, 2017, to present



ICD/ITKE ITECH Research Demonstrator 2018/2019
Robotic Manufacturing of Fibrous Structures in Space, with ESA, ACT
Kuka Innovation Semi Finalist Award 2018: Real-World Interaction Challenge
ICD/ITKE ITECH Research Demonstrator 2017/2018
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/2017
Autodesk University Pavilion 2015: (AU Hive)
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2014/2015
Acoustic Bricks, ETH Zurich, 2012-2014 (Gramazio and Kohler Research)


“Leveraging Forge For Human Robot Collaboration in AEC”, Autodesk University DevCon, Las Vegas, USA, November, 2018,  

Keynote: Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG), with Maria Yablonina, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, SE, September, 2018  

“Potentials of Cyber-physical robotic production in architecture and construction,” Paradigm Shift Keynote, New Zealand, May, 2018  

“Potentials of Cyber-physical robotic production,” Plexus Lecture Series, UCL The Bartlett, March 1st, 2018  

“Multi-Machine Fabrication: An Integrative Design Process Utilising an Autonomous UAV and Industrial Robots for the Fabrication of Long Span Composite Structures,” Acadia: Disciplines and Disruptions, MIT, October, 2017 

Session Chair: “Flexible Structures Session,” Acadia: Disciplines and Disruptions, MIT, October, 2017 

“Behavioral Building: Construction strategies from nature for adaptive and feedback-driven robotic processes in architecture.” Keynote at TU Dresden: Construction Bionics: Bio-Inspired Concepts for the Built Environment Workshop, August, 2017 

“Potentials of Cyber-Physical Systems in Architecture and Fabrication”, at Pratt Institute, NY, Oct, 2016

“Collaborative Construction”, at Acadia 2016, University of Michigan, USA, Oct 2016

“Workshop Panel: Robotic Softness and Behavioral Fabrication”, at Acadia 2016, University of Michigan, USA, Oct 2016

“Digital and Physical Agent-based Design and Construction Methods”, at “Design and Coordination of Micro- to Macro-Scale Swarms” Workshop, Max Planck Institute/ETH-Zurich, June 2016

“The Hive: a human and robot collaborative building process” with Tovi Grossman, Heather Kerrick, and Danil Nagy. ACM Siggraph Talks. Anaheim, CA, USA. July, 2016

“Robotic Fabrication of Fibrous Structures for Potential Application in Space Constructions”, ESTEC, European Space Agency, The Netherlands, May, 2016

Presentation of Work, “Adaptive Robotic Fabrication,” TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, DE, February, 2015

AD Launch, “Fibre Placement on a Pneumatic Body Based on a Water Spider Web,” Deutsch Architectural Museum, Frankfurt, DE, October, 2015

“Behavioral Design and Adaptive Robotic Fabrication of a Fiber Composite Compression Shell with Pneumatic Formwork.” University of Cincinnati, Computational Ecologies, Acadia 2015

Research Pavilion 2014/2015, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, USA, September, 2015

Robots in Architecture Conference, University of Michigan, USA, May, 2014


University of Michigan: ACADIA: Behavioural Fabrication Process of Woven Structures, co-taught with Giulio Brugnaro, October 2016
University of Michigan: RobArch|2014 – Adaptive Part Variation,  co-taught with Dave Pigram
University of Michigan: Python Workshop Series, Spring 2013


Behavioral Fabrication/Advanced Robotics (SS16, SS17, WS18)
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2014 /2015 (WS14)
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/2017 (SS 16, WS 16)
Performative Morphology, ICD/ITKE RP 2015/2016 Studio ( WS14)
Performative Morphology, ICD/ITKE RP 2017/2018 Studio ( WS17)
Architectural Biomimetics (WS14, WS16)
Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (SS15)
Computational Design and Design Thinking (WS 15, WS 16)
ITECH Thesis Prep/ Masters Thesis: Fabrication Agency (WS14/SS15, WS15/SS16, WS16/SS17)

Scientific review committee:

  • TEI 2018, USA
  • ACADIA 2018, 2019
  • Fabricate 2017, 2019
  • Design Modeling Symposium 2017

Select Publications:

Felbrich, B.; Frueh, N.; Prado, M.; Saffarian, S.; Solly, J.; Vasey, L.; Knippers., J.; Menges, A.: 2017, “Multi-Machine Fabrication: An Integrative Design Process Utilising an Autonomous UAV and Industrial Robots for the Fabrication of Long Span Composite Structures,” in ACADIA – Disciplines & Disruption [Proceedings of the ACADIA Conference 2017], Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, pp. 248-259. (ISBN: 978-0-692-96506-1)

Vasey, L., Nguyen, N., Grossman, T., Kerrick, H., Nagy, D., Atherton, E., Thomasson, D., Cote, N., Benjamin, D., Fitzmaurice, G., Menges, A. “Collaborative Construction: Human and Robotic Collaboration Enabling the Fabrication and Assembly of a Filament-Wound Structure.” ACADIA // 2016: POSTHUMAN FRONTIERS: Data, Designers, and Cognitive Machines [Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture,  2016

Brugnaro, G., Baharlou, E., Vasey, L., Menges, A., “Robotic Softness: An Adaptive Robotic Fabrication Process for Woven Structures.” ACADIA // 2016: POSTHUMAN FRONTIERS: Data, Designers, and Cognitive Machines [Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture,  2016

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Dörstelmann, M., Knippers, J., Koslowski, V., Menges, A., Prado, M.,Schieber, G., Vasey, L.: 2015, ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2014-15 – Fibre Placement on a Pneumatic Body Based on a Water Spider Web, Architectural Design, Vol. 85 No. 5, Wiley, London, pp. 60 – 65. (ISBN 978-11118878378

Vomhof, M.,  Vasey. L, Breuaer, S.,  Eggenschwiler, K., Strauss, J.,  Gramazio, F.,  Kohler, M. 2014. “Robotic Fabrication of Acoustic Brick Walls”   In Design Agency: Acadia Conference Proceedings,  Los Angeles.

Vasey, L., Maxwell, I,  Pigram, D., 2014 “Adaptive Part Variation A Near Real-Time Approach to Construction Tolerances.  In Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design, edited by Wes McGee and Monica Ponce de Leon. Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-04663-1_19.

Pigram, D., Maxwell, I., McGee, W., Hagenhofer-Daniell, B.,   Vasey, L., 2012 “Protocols, Pathways, and Production” In Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art, and Design, edited by Sigrid Brell-Cokcan and Johannes Braumann. Vienna: Springer International Publishing.