14.12. - 16.12.2012   ICD Workshop    RobARCH WorkshopProf. A. Menges
E. Baharlou, K. Dierichs, O. Krieg, S. Reichert, T. Schwinn
15.12. - 17.12.2010   ICD Workshop    Python WorkshopMIT: S. Tibbits
ICD: S. Reichert
19.11., 22.11. - 23.11.2010   ICD Workshop    Processing WorkshopSAC: A. M. Savov
ICD: S. Ahlquist
11.11. - 12.11.2010   ICD Workshop    Functional Morphology WorkshopICD: Prof. A. Menges, K. Dierichs, S. Reichert
ITKE: Prof. J. Knippers, M. Gabler
07.12. - 11.12.2009   ICD Workshop   Design Studio "Evolving Systems of Material & Performance"Materials Workshop at SAC in FrankfurtICD: Prof. A. Menges, S. Ahlquist
SAC: Prof. J. Bettum, A. Savov
23.11. - 25.11.2009   ICD Workshop   Design Studio "Evolving Systems of Material & Performance" Ecotect WorkshopS. Ahlquist, S. Stravoravdis
09.11. - 13.11.2009   ICD Workshop   Design Studio "Evolving Systems of Material & Performance"RhinoScript Workshop with SACICD: S. Ahlquist
SAC: A. Savov