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Sean Ahlquist
2009 - 2012   
Research Associate, Doctoral Candidate

Sean Ahlquist
M.Arch., B.A. Arch.

Sean Ahlquist is the founder of Proces2, and currently a Research Associate and PhD Candidate of the Institute for Computational Design at the University of  Stuttgart. Ahlquist holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the Architectural Association in London – Emergent Design and Technologies Programme. His work spans both practice and theory. He has taught at UC Berkeley, California College of the Arts, and the AA. He has published, lectured and led workshops widely on computational design and fabrication techniques, including a forthcoming book entitled Computational Design Thinking, co-edited with Achim  Menges.

Current research involves the development of computational methods which impose material characteristics through the calculation of fundamental physical behaviors. This involves the cross-disciplinary study of biology, biomimetic and structural engineering, material science and computation. Ultimately, the work  embodies a strategy where computational design is the construction of various  simulation technologies aimed at discovering innovative structural, material, climatic, and spatial principles, executed to resolve the complex integrated capacities that define architecture as a system of systems.

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