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New International M.Sc. Programme: ITECH
2015   NEWS
ICD / ITKE - Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

New International M.Sc. Programme: ITECH
Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research


M.Sc. Programme, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning – Coordinating Institutes:
ICD – Institute for Computational Design, Prof. Achim Menges
ITKE – Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, Prof. Jan Knippers


The MSc Programme Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research is a multidisciplinary, research-oriented, experiment-based programme shaped around contemporary aspects of the built environment and practice.

The goal of the ITECH programme is to prepare students from different disciplines for the continuing advancement of technological and computational processes in architecture, as they merge the fields of design, engineering, construction and natural sciences. Coupling an intensive, critical and analytical approach to computational design, simulation and fabrication, the ITECH programme is focused on challenging the design space boundaries of current architectural and engineering practice. It seeks to provoke a re-examination of techniques, practices and theories of design in relation to the fields of engineering, robotics, digital manufacturing, material science and biology.

The programme is open to students with a recognized Bachelor degree in architecture (or architectural science), urban planning, civil engineering, biology or biomimetics, environmental engineering or similar engineering or natural science degrees. All programme courses are instructed in English.

The programme is structured as a 2 year professional masters degree for students with a 3 year bachelor degree. However, students with a suitable 4 years bachelors degree or students who already hold a masters degree may apply for advanced standing – subject to the review by the university. Such applicants will be considered for placement on the third semester of the programme.

As the German university system offers free education, there are no tuition fees for both German and International students attending the ITECH, M.Sc. programme at the University of Stuttgart.

Applications are accepted once per year.  The application, which includes a portfolio of work is submitted in mid February, with admission decisions announced in April for enrollment the following October.  More information on the application process and programme can be found in the informational brochure below.

Next application deadline is February 15, 2016.

Detailed instructions for the online application can be found in the manual, linked below: to apply_Manual_ WS 16_17.pdf


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