ICD Research Associates Dylan Wood and Tiffany Cheng will lead a workshop on “Programming Material Intelligence” at Tongji University, Shanghai as a part of Cyborg Futures, the 2018 edition of the digitalFUTURE annual conference. Every year, more than two hundred students gather to engage with state-of-the-art digital fabrication and computational design tools.


Shape-Changing 3D-Printed Bio-Hybrid Components

The ICD workshop will explore how advances in computational design and robotic fabrication can be used to design large parts with new types of autonomous, shape-changing behaviors. Material programming denotes a method of design in which functions such as movement can be encoded in the physical material and fabrication logic, in place of electronics and digital control.

Following this methodology, climate actuated behaviors will be designed and encoded into macro scale parts using additive manufacturing and an integrated combination of natural and synthetic materials. A computational design workflow developed by ICD will be tested to explore new multi-performance and material level tectonics. Participants will iteratively design and 3D print parts with shape-changing behaviors based on variable stiffness and actuator integration to create a digital and physical catalogue. A set of designs will be prototyped at full scale using robotic 3D printing and integrated wood actuators.


Application deadline: June 5, 2018

This international workshop is open to all students, teachers, and scholars. There is no enrollment fee. Submit your CV/resume, portfolio, and this form to digitalfuture_sh@163.com by June 5, 2018. Accepted applicants will be notified by June 12, 2018.


For more information visit: digitalFUTURE – Cyborg Futures.