Long Nguyen, born 1988, joined the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) as a Research Associate in October 2014. His academic background is in Computer Science, with an emphasis in 3D Computer Graphics. Long graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Cambridge in 2010 and a Master degree with Distinction in Computer Graphics and Virtual Environment from University College London (UCL) in 2011. 

In 2011, Long started to be involved with the architecture design and construction community, with primary focuses on BIM (Building Information Modelling) and computational design. He developed a small collection of Revit plugins that expands the conceptual modelling capabilities of the software and organized a number of workshops to train architecture students in computational design and thinking using these plugins. In 2013, He participated in two Zaha Hadid Architects projects in Morocco and China as a technology consultant, in which he led the development of a tool set that enable the shared modelling workflow between Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and Revit.

As a computer scientist with several years working with the architecture community, Long has developed a deep interest in computational design. His current activities at the ICD includes research in computational geometries, digital form findings, digital/robotic fabrication, plugin development for Rhino/Grasshopper and Autodesk Dynamo. He also have a great passion for teaching programming, algorithms, mathematics and computational design thinking, especially to architecture students and practitioners.